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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate

When people think of investment options, one of the initial thoughts that comes to you is any form of financial securities such as stocks or bonds. Real estate is a viable investment as any of those financial securities, and probably even more rewarding. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider steering some of your monetary resources towards real estate investments:

1. Tangible Asset Value

To most people, seeing is believing; their confidence in the reality and stability of a thing is affirmed by tangible proof of its existence. Unlike investments such as stocks, bonds and treasury bills that are intangible, real estate is a strong and sturdy asset of value that is backed by physical proof of brick and mortar. Why not ease your uncertainties with an investment you can always make physical reference to?

2. Ongoing Income Source

There is no reason for making an investment if it is not going to provide you with any returns in the future. Real estate is one that gives you an opportunity to make your money back either through the sale or renting out of your property. The flow of cash from real estate is mostly stable and more predictable than other forms of investments. It can help cushion you through the bad times and give you a reason to smile and live well during the good times. The revenue you make can support the growth or development of other businesses or re-investing more in real estate.

3. Long-term Appreciation

Investment in real estate normally lasts relatively long when compared with other financial investment options. With proper care and maintenance, the longer you keep your property, the more it appreciates. Over time the value of your property rises due to changes in the real estate market or the urbanization of the location in which your property is situated. After some years, say 10 or 20, the worth of the property will be far more than what you are paying now. You will automatically be building wealth over the long term. Investments in real estate is an investment for life!

4. Portfolio Diversification

*Diversifying a portfolio is one of the most advised tactics when it comes to active investments. It reduces the likelihood of you making significant losses, should the market move unexpectedly downward. Real estate has a very low or negative relationship with other types of investments and securities. This means that while those may be doing badly on the market, your real estate investment will be doing quite the opposite. As an active investor, you might want to reduce the volatility of your investment portfolio by diversifying it with some real estate investments.

5. Inflation Hedge

While most people obviously fear inflation, for a property owner, it is something you should look forward to. When the price of a bag of cement shoots up, guess what is also going to shoot through the roof? Everything real estate and construction-related, which includes rents and property value. This ability of real estate to hedge against inflation comes from its positive relationship with the GDP of a country. When the economy is growing, the demand for real estate also increases alongside. This in turn increases rent prices and raises your capital values. You pass on any inflationary pressure to your rent tenants or the buyer of your property, as capital appreciation, rather than bear them yourself.

For an investment that serves as a tangible asset that provides ongoing streams of income over the long haul, protects you from inflation, and keeps your investment portfolio afloat, real estate sounds like the perfect investment choice. Start off on this path by purchasing a piece of property today.  Primdale Estate Ghana Limited guarantees you 9% in the first two years when you invest in the Pelican, our newest hotel apartment. Send us an email at info@primdaleghana.com.

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