Our Services

General Construction

With many experiences in the construction business Primdale Ghana is well noted for building high quality structures. We are also into remodeling estate homes in Ghana. Our residential building and remodeling services cover the entire spectrum from small remodeling projects to custom homes. We work with homeowners and developers to design and build luxurious villas and estate homes in the finest communities.

Professional Team

Each project is assigned a talented, fully invested team of building professionals committed to a timely, successful outcome

Property Management

At Primdale we are committed to proactive portfolio-based property management through planned building life-cycle maintenance, utilities management and use of technology is focused entirely on unlocking the true potential and long-term value of clients’ properties.

Our proactive approach has resulted in our becoming one of the leading service providers in this growing and highly competitive sector

We are also very committed to knowledge-based results as an approach to property management and that has been a key ingredient to our efficient management over the years.

Land Sales

With an increasing clientele and testimony from people who have bought plot(s) of lands with us, we have solidied our stand in the industry as one of the best companies to go with should decide to own a land

The beautiful thing is, our lands are genuine and litigation free. Our land are all located at very choicest location and they are always a rush for them. Documentation of land are properly in order to avoid any future issues.

Value for Money

Trusted by many

Financial Advantage

Great Locations

Land Documentation

Great Testimonies

Architectural Design Services

Primdale Ghana limited provides impeccable architectural design services to clients around the world. We’re dedicated to providing professional design services that fulfill our clients’ needs, adhering to our clients’ budget and schedule parameters and provide buildable solutions that create functional spaces within enriched aesthetic environments.

With a commitment to excellence, we foster a trustworthy relationship with our clients. We’re thorough. We’re efficient. We’re enthusiastic. And above all, we’re driven by the goal to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Surveying Services

We're a leading firm in land surveying and mapping. Apart from selling lands in prime and rapidly developing locations in Ghana, we also officer professional surveying service to interested individuals, businesses and organisations with associated project development models and land title registration.